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Essay On John Milton
Lombard Street A Description of the Money Market
Physics and Politics Or Thoughts on the Application of the Principles of ‚??Natural Selection‚?? and ‚??Inheritance‚?? to Political Society
The English Constitution


01/01/1826 Born on February 23rd, 1826.

1860 Edited the Economist (1860-1877)

1864 Wrote English Constitution

1873 Wrote Lombard Street

1875 Wrote Physics and Politics

1877 Passed Away on March 24th, 1877.

1879 Literary Studies published posthumously.

1880 Economic Studies published posthumously.

1881 Biographical Studies published posthumously.

1885 The Postulates of English Political Economy published posthumously.

1889 The Works of Walter Bagehot published posthumously.

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